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We are an experienced business conglomerate with diversified interests in several industries. We are always keen on expanding our portfolio in partnership with our global suppliers and building long-term relationships aimed at mutual benefit. The exhaustive list of our satisfied customers is our pride.

Our Vision

The exhaustive list of our satisfied customers is our pride and our business connections are valuable for us. We partner with the best technology providers in the industry. All of our products and solutions are based on sustainability so that your ventures grow even more with accurate predictability.

Our Services

IT Services

We have well-trained programmers who can integrate your systems, develop bespoke solutions and advise on your IT needs. We have extensive experience in Cloud technology.

Online Retail Business

We stock a large inventory in our well-equipped warehouse to support our online retail business.

Import & Export

We specialize in importing goods and raw materials from various parts of the world. Feel free to discuss with us if you need anything.

Consultancy Services

Our professional consultants can analyse your requirements and design a cost-effective solution to your needs. Our services are available to individuals and organisations, no matter how small or large.


We have our own manufacturing units for various items such as Food, tailored Pet food and cosmetics. We can manufacture your required products as per your specifications. Feel free to discuss your requirements.

Courier Service

We run a same-day pickup & delivery service for your immediate needs. Our courier team is fully trained and efficient equipped with appropriate transport for a small letter to a large pallet.

More than 15 Years of Experience

Adoption of innovative technology is the key to success in the rapidly changing world and we bring that technology to your doorstep by providing a complete service including:

  • – Understanding your requirement
    – Design and planning
    – Risk assessment
    – Sourcing and Deployment
    – Performance evaluation
    – Improvements

Our Team

Biggest Names

Mirza YousAf

Mirza YousAf

Chief Executive

Mary Bolton

Mary Bolton

Chief Technical Officer

Elizabeth Sofia

Elizabeth Sofia

Marketing Manager

Lolita Mackay

Lolita Mackay

Operation Manager

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Our work draws on more than 15 years of experience. Whether you are a small or medium-sized business, we always have a solution to address every single of your problem no matter how big or small. Our comprehensive experience and project management skills ensure your transition to the new world smoother and successful.